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FEI Nations Cup Dressage

Since 1948, various dressage legends have competed at the CHIO. Riders such as Reiner Klimke, Georg Theodorescu, Josef Neckermann, Christine Strickelberger, Klaus Balkenhol, Isavell Werth, and our own Anky van Grunsven have graced the arenas of Rotterdam.

From 1985 to 1988, the World Cup was held in Rotterdam four times. However, the FEI decided that this competition should be held indoors, leading to the World Cup leaving Rotterdam.

The Grand Prix, which is held on Thursday, is decisive for the FEI Nations Cup. The highest-ranked participants get to choose first whether they want to ride the Grand Prix Special or the prestigious Grand Prix Freestyle to Music on Saturday. Once one of the classes is full, the remaining participants will fill up the other event.

The Grand Prix Freestyle was first introduced in 1987 and was an immediate success. Since 2006, it has been held on the main arena instead of the arena in the middle of the forest.

For information on the FEI Nations Cup series, FEI TV (www.feitv.org) is the official video website of the FEI, providing advanced online broadband service for horse sport enthusiasts worldwide. Visitors to the website can watch a wide range of equestrian videos, including previews, reviews, highlights, interviews, digital courses, and an extensive video archive.

Here is an overview of recent winners of the Dressage Nations Cup at the CHIO Rotterdam

2013 Great Brittan
2014 The Netherlands
2015 The Netherlands
2016 The Netherlands
2017 United States of America
2018 The Netherlands
2021 The Netherlands

The Netherlands