Dear visitor, volunteer, and participant of our event,

We believe it is important that you and all other attendees feel welcome.

We expect an open and professional attitude from you towards other visitors, volunteers, and participants, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and age.

Even as a bystander, you can make a difference in fostering a respectful, safe, and caring environment. If you observe something inappropriate or uncomfortable, please address the person if possible or report (anonymous) to our event secretariat or one of our confidants.

We adhere to the FEI Code of Conduct for the welfare of horses and expect the same from you. The FEI expects everyone involved in our event to comply with the FEI Code of Conduct and recognize and accept that the welfare of the horse must always come first.

By attending our event, you agree that:

  • CHIO does not tolerate any form of harassment.
  • CHIO does not tolerate any form of disrespectful behavior, including racism, aggression, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, vandalism, or misconduct.
  • CHIO does not tolerate any form of (sexual) misconduct.
  • You are in a professional work environment where we consciously manage alcohol use and prohibit drug use.
  • We reserve the right to address and take appropriate action against visitors, volunteers, or participants who do not adhere to the rules. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and may result in exclusion from current and/or future events.

If you are a victim or witness of violations of the Code of Conduct, you can contact us in the following ways:

Contact persons: Babette Vermaase and Arjen Smallegange

Email: [email protected]

CHIO Rotterdam

Email: [email protected] – Phone: +31 10 452 89 00