Ticket sales 75th CHIO Rotterdam

From June 19 to June 23, 2024, it's party time in Kralingse Bos. For the 75th time, you can enjoy top-level show jumping and dressage, explore charming shops, and indulge in tasty snacks and drinks at Stroodorp. During this jubilee edition of the CHIO Rotterdam, the main arena will showcase the usual sporting highlights, including the FEI Nations Cup dressage and thrilling show jumping events. With the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris on the horizon, the CHIO will serve as a crucial observation moment for many riders and chefs d’equipe.

The team show jumping competition has been revamped this year, taking on an entirely new format. The CHIO Rotterdam is one of only four qualifying events for the global Longines League of Nations™️, featuring an even more exciting format and significantly higher prize money. In this special anniversary year, amidst these top competitions, there will also be fantastic shows to enjoy.

At the entrance area, you'll find delightful food trucks, stands, and the second arena where you can watch the semi-final and final of the CHIO Zuid-Holland Cup, the youth program on Sunday morning, dressage riders warming up, and a plethora of shows and clinics. In summary, during the 75th CHIO Rotterdam, there's plenty to experience in Kralingse Bos. After the sports classes the, Stroodorp remains lively late into the night.

The following tickets are available for purchase:

Entrance ticket

Available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Experience the atmosphere in Kralingse Bos, watch equestrian sports, or enjoy food and drinks in the cozy Stroodorp or go shopping at the booths. With this entrance ticket, you have access to the grounds, the second arena, and Stroodorp. You can watch the entire program of competitions, training sessions, shows, and clinics in the second arena, and from Stroodorp, you can watch the classes in the Rotterdam Stadium. On Thursday, with this entrance ticket, you can take a seat in one of the open seats in the Ratina tribune (sections E&F).

If you want to secure a nice seat to watch the sport on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, consider purchasing an Entrance ticket Ratina or an Entrance ticket Grandstand.

Entrance ticket Ratina (covered and uncovered)

Available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (separate tickets for day (jumping) & evening (dressage)) and Sunday. You are welcome all day to come and watch equestrian sports and shows, enjoy food and drinks in the cozy Stroodorp, or shop at the booths. On Saturday evening (dressage) and Sunday afternoon (jumping), you are guaranteed a seat of your choice on the Ratina tribune. On other days, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis until full. Your Ratina ticket also provides access to the program in the second arena. Note: Sections E and F of the Ratina tribune are not covered, section G is covered.

Wheelchair Platform (covered)

Next to the Ratina tribune is the covered wheelchair platform. Wheelchair tickets provide access to a special area (covered platform) for visitors who are wheelchair-bound. With each wheelchair ticket, you can order one additional ticket for a companion.

Grandstand Entrance Ticket (covered)

Available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday (separate tickets for day (jumping) & evening (dressage)) and Sunday. You are welcome all day to come and watch equestrian sports, enjoy food and drinks in the cozy Stroodorp, or shop at the booths. You are also guaranteed a reserved (and chosen by you) seat on the covered Grandstand tribune. This ticket also provides access to the program in the second arena.

Master Club Lounge Ticket

During the Longines League of Nations on Friday evening, the show jumping on Saturday, the dressage on Saturday evening, and during the Grand Prix on Sunday, you can enjoy equestrian top sports as a VIP in the Master Club Lounge. The Master Club Lounge is an elegant skybox in the Grandstand with a seat on the ‘royal’ balcony, where you can experience the sport alongside other equestrian fans with the best view, all while enjoying drinks and snacks. Master Club Lounge tickets include a beverage package, snacks, and lunch or dinner, depending on the chosen day. Transportation to and from the CHIO grounds is provided free of charge. For every 2 Master Club Lounge tickets, you will receive 1 VIP parking pass for the garage.

Youth Ticket

On Sunday, there is a special program for and by the youth, featuring entertaining shows and performances by special guests. Who? You'll find out soon!

    Note: If you purchase a Ratina/Grandstand ticket, an entrance ticket is not required!

    Wednesday 19th June 2024

    Wednesday 19th June 2024

    For Wednesday, June 19, featuring national GP dressage, para dressage, and dressage competitions for U25 riders and Young Riders, no ticket is required. Admission is free. For the other days, t

    Thursday 20th June 2024

    Thursday 20th June 2024

    On the Thursday of this 75th CHIO Rotterdam, you will be introduced to all competitors. We kick off the day with the national dressage GP Special featuring Dutch top riders. Immediately following is the international dressage GP, which is part of the FEI Nations Cup. In the afternoon and evening, there are 5* show jumping competitions, including a qualification for the Grand Prix. Rest assured, the participating combinations will give their best!

    In the second arena, you can watch the Grand Prix dressage riders warming up in the morning.

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    Friday 21 June 2024

    Friday 21 June 2024

    Friday is a thrilling day for show jumping fans. Throughout the day, various exciting show jumping competitions are scheduled, and at 4:00 PM, the 10 national teams of the Longines League of Nations™️ will be presented. Following that, the team competition unfolds over two rounds. Stay seated after the team competition, as a spectacular show event will take place. After its conclusion, we look forward to seeing you at Stroodorp. In the second arena, the semi-finalists will compete for the three final spots in the CHIO Zuid-Holland Cup.

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    Saturday 22 June 2024

    Saturday 22 June 2024

    On Saturday, three beautiful show jumping competitions are scheduled during the day. In the evening, as is the tradition every year, Kralingse Bos transforms into a fairy-tale forest, where we watch the horses dancing during the Grand Prix Special and the highlight of the night, the Grand Prix Freestyle to Music. Both competitions determine which country wins the FEI Nations Cup Dressage this year. On Saturday, between the competitions, you can also enjoy special anniversary shows, along with a varied day program in the second arena.

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    Sunday 23June 2024

    Sunday 23June 2024

    features the finals of the 2* showjumping competitions, providing young Dutch talent with the opportunity to showcase their skills. In the afternoon, we conclude this jubilee edition with the Grand Prix, where the best show jumpers compete for a substantial prize and the honor of adding the Grand Prix of Rotterdam to their list of achievements. On Sunday, there is a special youth program in the second arena, and the finale of the CHIO Zuid-Holland Cup takes place.

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