Senior residents of Rotterdam have a fun outing with side event

SLE bestuurders golfkarretjes 3

'A day out with the elderly' is part of the side event programme at the European Championships. Their goal is to use the championships to give something back to the community. These side events are held before, during and after the European Championships and are organised in close cooperation with various Rotterdam partners to ensure lasting success and to create new connections. This is a good fit with the theme of these European Championships; Connected by Horsepower!

The side event 'A day out with the elderly' sheds a light on the problem of loneliness among seniors. In cooperation with Coalitie Erbij Rotterdam and, the city of Rotterdam and various other companies and organisations, 'A day out with the elderly' aims to bring seniors who feel lonely to the European Championships for a unique outing. Five days, several groups of seniors come to the event. Dozens of volunteers escort them on the grounds and make sure they have a grand day out.

One the organisers of this side event, Mechteld van Ravenstein, refers to the first two days of 'A day out with the elderly' as a big success. ''The volunteers and the senior have hit it off and together they have had a wonderful day together. The day started with a brunch and after that everyone was free to explore. They could drive around the grounds in golf carts and watch the action in the arena. Also, beautiful stories were shared. Some of the participants played a game of jeu-de-boules. The upcoming days, we will welcome another 200 seniors and volunteers and hopefully this will be just as big a success as these first two days.''

photo credits: Susan Lentjes

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