Rabobank connected to CHIO Rotterdam

Laura Schalkwijk
Leo Peeters Weem Rdv181114 020
Picture: Raymond de Vries

Leo Peeters Weem, the Director of Rabobank Rotterdam, is looking forward to the FEI European Championships, even though the largest equestrian event ever to be held in Rotterdam has a different main sponsor. ‘We’ll defenitely be there.’

He turned 60 last year and some people are starting to wonder how long he will continue. Retirement has not yet crossed his mind. He was recently re-appointed as Director of Rabobank Rotterdam. Peeters Weem thinks Rotterdam leads the way as far as innovation is concerned. ‘ The CHIO Rotterdam is a good example of an event where there’s a lot going on in terms of business, sport and community.’

Two years ago, the director of Rabobank said he wanted to enhance the event. The CHIO Rotterdam has thus become a great place to hold sessions on all kinds of innovations. ‘You can spend several useful hours here. Besides providing food, drink and sports entertainment, we want to inspire customers.’ He suggests one point of improvement: ‘I think CHIO Rotterdam’s Legacy Partners could do more together. Take Deloitte, for example. This company and Rabobank complement each other well.’

When Peeters Weem is not busy with the bank’s customers, he can be found amongst young entrepreneurs who develop new business models. For example, Rabobank supports PortXL, an initiative that stimulates innovation in the maritime sector.

Peeters Weem expects the FEI European Championships to be different from the CHIO Rotterdam. He believes a further distinction will be made between those people who come for the sport and those who come to network. ‘We’re still discussing our role, but we’ll definitely be there.’

Rabobank would like to give something in return. ‘We not only want a good event in business and sporting terms, we also want to give something back to the city. For example, we have partnered with ‘Work like a Horse’, a project for children who could do with some encouragement. This ties in perfectly with our own mission: Growing a better world together. We, for example, help companies to develop further, help private individuals buying a house and we support all kinds of social projects.’
For Peeters Weem, the future looks bright. ‘ The economy is growing, the number of tourists in Rotterdam is increasing. There’s still much to do however, and I’d like to contribute.’

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