Peter Goedvolk and Arco van Nieuwland in board of FEI European Championships 2019 and CHIO Rotterdam

Arco Van Nieuwland Peter Goedvolk

As of March 1st Peter Goedvolk and Arco van Nieuwland are boardmembers of CHIO Rotterdam, the organizer of the FEI European Championships 2019 in Rotterdam, August 19 - 25. Arco van Newland is the successor of Harry Scholte who has been responsible for PR & communications over the past 8 years. Peter Goedvolk has been the catalyst for the CHIO Port Club Rotterdam and will proceed his work for this network of port related businesses when he becomes member of the board.

Organizing the upcoming EC's, which together are the largest equestrian sports event ever in Rotterdam and the second largest ever in the Netherlands, is a major task. Yet another reason why we are happy to welcome these two new board members," says Belle de Bruin, president of the board of the EC's and CHIO Rotterdam. "We are grateful for all Harry has done for CHIO Rotterdam during his 8 years term and believe we have a great successor with Arco van Nieuwland. Peter Goedvolk is associated with CHIO Rotterdam for some years and it's our pleasure to have him joining as a board member."

Peter Goedvolk was born in Rotterdam. He founded Argos Oil and is owner of Count & First Dutch. IN 2006 he was recognized as Port Man of The Year because of his pioneering efforts related to bio fuels. In 2015 he was awarded the K.P. Mandele medal. The award is given each year to a Rotterdam based entrepreneur who has made a significant impact on the city of Rotterdam and its residents.

Arco van Nieuwland is a successful ICT entrepeneur and investor. He was co-founder of Exact Automation and is currently investor with CNBB Venture Partners and founder of Yuki. His knowledge and experience about innovation, marketing and automation will enable the upcoming EC's and the CHIO Rotterdam for the ongoing digitization of major events.

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