Enjoy your visit to the maximum!


Your visit to the Longines FEI European Champions will be unforgettable! You're visiting the largest equestrian event ever hosted in Rotterdam with the very best horses and riders from Europe. Furthermore you will enjoy the beautiful venue with all activities and fun. And.... nice drink and bite for every taste!

A lot of all social activities take place at our dedicated EC Boulevard. You will find a complete Food Festival with food trucks such as poffertjes (typical Dutch little pancakes), handmade fries, a Barista with excellent, fresh coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, sushi, etc. Of course there is a lot of healthy food available too. Rabobank f.e. presents Brasserie 2050, a brand new food concept focussed on less meat, sustainability and healthy food.

The well known bar and the champagne bar you may know from our CHIO Stroodorp this year will be at the Boulevard. Maybe you like to taste a nice glass of wine and a fresh oyster while you're watching the beautiful Skyline of Rotterdam over the lake.

Around the Rotterdam Arena there are a few food counters where you can buy a sandwich or a cup of coffee during the competitions. This way you will not have to miss any of your favorite riders!

If you really like to treat yourself on a gourmet star level dinner you need to reserve your table at restaurant Schoufour at the Grandstand (please reserve here ).

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