Towards 75 years Dura Vermeer and equstrian sports in Rotterdam

Laura Schalkwijk
Job Dura

The name ‘Dura’ and the CHIO Rotterdam are inextricably linked. Job Dura’s grandfather helped set up Rotterdam’s first official international equestrian competition in 1948. With Job Dura jr at the helm, their partnership will soon enter its 75th year.

Dura Vermeer, the construction company that he now manages as 5th Dura generation, was commissioned to build the Grandstand on the grounds of the Rotterdamsche Manège, which was officially opened by King Willem-Alexander in 2011. It marked the beginning of a new phase of the CHIO Rotterdam, which was expanding and becoming more and more professional.

His grandfather, Job Dura, after whom he was named, initiated the first CHIO at the Rotterdamsche Manège. He thought an international tournament would be good for the city and the manège. The first edition of the CHIO Rotterdam was held in 1948.

The organization originally consisted of a small, tight group of people, most of whom were volunteers. Dura not only supported the event financially, but also assisted in the construction of the ‘Stroodorp’ (merchandise village). The ties between Dura and the CHIO Rotterdam are therefore self-evident.
Job Dura was already involved in the CHIO Rotterdam as a sponsor. Building the Grandstand served to strengthen these ties. It was therefore no surprise that he joined the Board of CHIO Rotterdam in 2014, proudly carrying on the tradition.

For Dura, the sport comes first. Events should go smoothly. The facilities for the riders, horses, spectators and businesses are all important. The ‘Work like a Horse’ initiative is an excellent social programme that makes it possible to give something back to the city of Rotterdam.

The event has become more diverse. On the other hand, there are more financial risks because the event is expanding and becoming more expensive to organize. Dura feels it’s important to minimize these risks – a challenge for the future.

Job Dura predicts that the company will be around to celebrate the 75th anniversary of CHIO Rotterdam. If he has anything to do with it, the ties with Dura Vermeer will be maintained for a long, long time.

photo credits: Raymond de Vries

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