Because everyone deserves to be mobile

Foto door Judith Kuivenhoven
JK Sponsor Trevvel LED DSC 7150

For the city of Rotterdam, Trevvel transports citizens who are unable to use public transportation by themselves. Trevvel drivers transport, among others, students to school, the elderly to a day facility and people with mobility issues to their place of employment. Both drivers and transport means are optimally suited to the specific needs of the passenger. Every day, Trevvel drivers transport zeven thousand passenger to their destination in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area.

These past few years, Trevvel has become a valued partner to CHIO Rotterdam, the Society Schoufour, and this year for the Longines FEI Europeam Championships. This EC-year, Trevvel drivers have especially concerned themselves with the transport of the contestants of the European Championships Para Dressage. Trevvel also sees to the transportation of VIP's and, if necessary, aids with hospitality.
Laurens van Remortele, Trevvel board member: ''We are a Rotterdam company and kindly give our support to an event held in our city. Three European Championships this year, that's quite something. The event looks great, as does the new set-up with the boulevard along the Kralingse Plas. Well planned and well organised. Also, it takes courage to take on the organisation of such a big event, my compliments!''
During the European Championships, Trevvel relations were welcomed in the Trevvel Skybox at the Grandstand on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the grande finale of the Longines FEI European Championships.

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