French teams for Rotterdam announced

Fédération Française d'Equitation
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The selectors and the French Equestrian Federation have announced the jumping, dressage and para-dressage teams for Rotterdam today:


  • Roger-Yves Bost & Sangria du Coty, (owned by d'Equiblue & Bosty Jump)
  • Nicolas Delmotte & Urvoso du Roch, (owner Marie-Claude Morlion)
  • Alexis Deroubaix & Timon d’Aure, (owned by d'André et Annick Chenu)
  • Pénélope Leprevost & Vancouver de Lanlore, (owner François Vorpe)
  • Kevin Staut & Calevo 2, (owner Dariusz Slupczynski)


  • Morgan Barbançon Mestre & Sir Donnerhall II, (owned by rider)
  • Stéphanie Brieussel & Amorak, (owned by Dominique Brieussel and rider)
  • Charlotte Chalvignac & Lights of Londonderry, (owner Bernadette Brune)
  • Arnaud Serre & Ultrablue de Massa, (owner Anne-Sophie Bernard de la Gatinais)


  • Camille Jaguelin & Wimke, (owned by rider)
  • Cloé Mislin & Don Caruso, (owned by rider)
  • Adib El Sarakby & Walk of Fame, (owned by rider)

photo credits: Ben Schellekens

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