Eleonoor Hintzen and Carolien Lavooij boardmembers CHIO Rotterdam

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With two new board members, Eleonoor Hintzen and Carolien Lavooij, the board of the 5* outdoor equestrian event, CHIO Rotterdam is well equipped for the future. Eleonoor Hintzen, is a sustainability expert and will be responsible for our corporate social responsibility strategy. Carolien Lavooij, involved with the CHIO Rotterdam for many years and daughter of our honorary president, has a strong equestrian background. She will work with our sports directors Yves Houtackers (jumping) and Patrick van der Meer (dressage) on the future of the sport at the CHIO Rotterdam.

"The board and the management team are jointly developping the future of CHIO Rotterdam and how the event will be positioned in the equestrian world, the city and the society. We not only aim to keep our leading equestrian role but also want to take our social responsibility. Therefore we need the best leaders," says Theo de Rooij, president of CHIO Rotterdam. "These two ladies bring the expertise we need in our board. We now have all the know how needed to shape the new direction of CHIO Rotterdam."

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