In Memoriam: Cees de Bruin

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In the age of 74 earlier this week our honorary member Cees de Bruin died. His death is a great loss of course for his family but also for our CHIO and the city of Rotterdam. For many years Cees de Bruin has been involved as member of the advisory board of CHIO Rotterdam. Furthermore he was president of the Trust fund 'Hippische Alliantie Rotterdam' where under his leadership many social initiatives were developed such as 'CHIO without obstacles' and the successful project Work like a Horse for children living in challenging circumstances who need a little extra support. Cees de Bruin was the driving force behind the Indofin kids village which made the CHIO Rotterdam a highlight for our youngest visitors. In January 2020 he passed the presidency of the Trust fund on to his daughter and the CHIO Rotterdam appointed Cees de Bruin as honorary member.

Cees de Bruin was born in 1946 in Rotterdam. He established Infofin, involved in the provision of private equity and the management of companies across the world in various sectors including shipping and shipbuilding, energy services, technology and media, software, natural resources, agriculture and real estate. Beyond his involvement with CHIO Rotterdam and equestrian sports Cees de Bruin was president of Stadion Feyenoord and president of the Supervisory Board of Rotterdam Partners.

'We knew Cees was not doing well but still this news is shocking", says Theo de Rooij, president of CHIO Rotterdam. "Cees has contributed in a tremendous way to the Rotterdam society and in particular to the CHIO Rotterdam. Our deepest sympathy to Belle and the family for this great loss."

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