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Economic Mission to China start of a new business friendship

27-10-2017 - CHIO - CHIO

Representatives of the Rotterdam city government, business and universities have visited China last week during an economic mission. The participants represented the equestrian industry, the maritime logistics industry and the e-commerce industry. CHIO Rotterdam and boardmembers of the CHIO Port Club Rotterdam obviously as delegates for the equestrian and maritime logistics sections.

The journey started at the Chinese electronics company Huawei, than proceeded to the Shanghai Equestrian Sports Administration Centre, a riding school with it its own equestrian event, the Yangshang Port with an impressive deep water terminal, the CCIPT (China Council for promotion of International Trade), the port city Wuxi and of course the Heilan International Equestrian Club.

Besides these highlights a visit to Shanghai, the major Chinese port was part of the schedule. This visit perpetuated the longstanding (38 years) relationship between the twin cities Shanghai and Rotterdam.

CEO of CHIO Rotterdam, Jan de Mooij, considers the economic mission was special and very successful. "I am very impressed by the greatness of this country and also learned that there is a strong interest for a close cooperation with the Netherlands in different ways. Collaboration between our ports and also within the equestrian industry. For the latter it is useful to understand that equestrian sports is one of the nine sports supported by the Chinese government. An important committment that is supported by private initiatives such as Heilan International Equestrian Club (established 30 years ago by a business man and meanwhile developed to an equestrian venue with the size of Euro Disney). With this focus and committment it is likely China soon will become a major player in the global equestrian sports. But there is a strong need for knowledge and expertise and that's what China is looking for right now. Knowledge about horse care, training, stabling, food, medical care, etc. and knowledge and expertise on equestrian events. At this very moment only 2000-3000 riders represent the total Chinese population so I expect this number to grow rapidly. People in China are highly interested in our equestrian legacy, that's why an equestrian delegation from China will visit us by the end of November.

Besides collaboration in the equestrian industry there are also promising opportunities for collaboration between the Chinese port cities and Rotterdam. I would love to see this collaboration resulting in a global version of our Grand Prix Port of Rotterdam or even a competition in different global port cities.

This trip was the start of a promising and hopefully longstanding business relationship between Netherlands and China where Rotterdam may be seen as the 'Equestrian Gateway to Europe'."


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