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Longines Grand Prix


The Grand Prix winners are:

2018 Jos Verlooy (België) with Caracas
2017 P. Fredricson (SWE) with H&M All in 
2016 L. Diniz (POR) with Fit for Fun 13
2015 L. Davis (USA) with Barron
2014 P. Delaveau (FRA) with Orient Express Hdc
2013 Ph. Weishaups (GER) with Monte Bellini
2012 M. Houtzager (NED) with Sterrehof's Tamino 
2011 B.Madden (USA) with Coral Reef Via Volo
2010 R. G. Bengtsson (SWE) with Casall La Silla
2009 S. Guerdat (SUI) with Tresor V
2008 A. Zoer (NED) with Sam
2007 L. Kraut (USA) with Anthem
2006 M. Ehning (GER) with Gitania
2005 L. Nieberg (GER) with Lucie
2004 G.J. Bruggink (NED) with Joel
2003 L. Nieberg (GER) with Loreana
2002 R. Pessoa (BRA) with Baloubet de Rouet
2001 F. Sloothaak (GER) with Joli Coeur
2000 H. Simon (AUS) with E.T.
1999 B. Patton Madden (USA) with Innocence
1998 R. Pessoa (BRA) with Gandini Lianos
1997 P. Estermann (SUI) with Flying Shark CH
1996 F. Sloothaak (GER) with San Patrigano Joly
1995 M. Whitaker (GBR) with Everest Two Step
1993 L. Beerbaum (GER) with Almox Rush On
1992 L. Beerbaum (GER) with Almox Grand Plaisir
1991 F. Sloothaak (GER) with Walzerkönig
1990 E. Gundel (GER) with Prints
1989 Ex-aequo:
         P. Durand (FRA) with Jappeloup
         J. Whitaker (GBR) with Milton
1988 J. Lansink (NED) with Felix
1987 J. Whitaker (GBR) with Milton
1986 B. Candrian (SUI) with Lampire
1985 P. Heffer (GBR) with Viewpoint
1984 P. Schockemöhle (GER) with Deister
1983 W. Gabathuler (SUI) with Beethoven
1982 P. Schockemöhle (GER) with Deister
1981 G. Bertran de Balanda (FRA) with Galoubet A. Malesan
1980 H. Simon (AUS) with Gladstone
1979 Ex-aequo:
         J. Heins (NED) with Argonaut ‘Z’
         P. Schockemöhle (GER) with Deister
         G. Wiltfang (GER) with Roman
1978  T. Leibel (CAN) with Sympatico
1977 J. Simpson (CAN) with Texas
1976 C. Cuyer (FRA) with Varin
1975 H. Snoek (GER) with Gaylord
1974 Ex-aequo:
         Lt. Kol. D’Inzeo (ITA) with Easter Light
         H. Smith (GBR) with Salvador III
1973 A. Schockemöhle (GER) with Rex the Robber
1972 Not held
1971 A. Dawes (GBR) with The Maverick
1970 H. Schmidt (GER) with Causa
1969 H.J.M. Wouters v. d. Oudenweijer (NED) with Abadan
1968 C. Hofmann (USA) with Out Late
1967 D. Broome (GBR) with Mister Softee
1966 N. Pessoa (BRA) with Caribe
1965 W. Barker (GBR) with North Flight
1964 S. Hayes (IRE) with Goodbye
1963 C.D. Barker (GBR) with Mister Softee
1962 H. Smith (GBR) with O’Malley
1961 V. Clark (GBR) with Atalanta
1960 A. Clement (GER) with Nico
1959 K. Pade (GER) with Domherr
1958 W.C. Steinkraus (USA) with Ksar d’Esprit
1957 H.G. Winkler (GER) with Halla
1956 D. Palethorpe (GBR) with Earlsrath Rambler
1955 F. Goyoaga (ESP) with Toscanella
1954 Capt. K. Barry (IRE) with Hollyford
1953 M. von Buchwalt (GER) with Jaspis
1952 Capt. V. Carillo (MEX) with Resorte II
1951 Lt. Kol. H.W. Llewellyn (GBR) with Foxhunter
1950 Major G.G. Gibbon (GBR) with Sarah
1949 Major Starkey (GBR) with Cascade
1948 Capt. Ziya Azak (TUR) with Rizgar
1947 Capt. J.A. de Bruine (NED) with Kantaka
1939 Capt. G. Tonnet (NED) with Kantaka
1937 Capt. J.A. de Bruine (NED) with Milord
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