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CHIO Zuid-Holland Cup Jumping

Talented regional riders dream to compete in the same arena as great international names such as Steve Guerdat (winner 2012 Olympics and 2009 Longines Grand Prix Port of Rotterdam), Jeroen Dubbeldam (winner 2000 Olympics), etc. during CHIO Rotterdam. For many years CHIO Rotterdam offers regional talent to compete at the CHIO Zuid-Holland Cup competition at Z (1.30m) and ZZ-level (1.35m). Riders living in Zuid-Holland will have to qualify through 3 qualifyers in April, May and June. The best 15 riders will compete at the semi finals on Friday June 22th 2018. The finals will be on Saturday 23st. 


Winners CHIO Zuid-Holland Cup Jumping:

2017     Siebe Kramer

2016     Siebe Kramer

2014     Mitchel Sonneveld   

2013     Doron Kuipers

2012     Jelmer Hoekstra

2011     Mitchel Sonneveld

2010     Mitchel Sonneveld 

2009     Dennis Schalekamp

2008     Siebe Kramer

2007     Siebe Kramer

2006     Sabrina van Rijswijk 

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