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Cashless Event

The CHIO Rotterdam is a Cashless Event. We are happy to inform you about the payment method at the CHIO Rotterdam. Payment for Food & Beverage is only possible with the contactless CHIO Cashless Card pictured below. The CHIO Rotterdam chose this method of payment because it is fast and safe.

Charging your CHIO payment is possible at three manned charging points with cash, debit card or credit card. You will find a charging point in the entrance area and two in the ‘Stroodorp’. At the box office and the VIP desk in the entrance area flyers are available, showing the locations of the different charging points.

You can upgrade your card for the following amounts: Euro 20, 50, 75, 100, 200, 500 and a maximum of Euro 1,000. During the event you can get a refund of the balance on your CHIO debit card statement. Up to 100 euros can immediately be refunded to you at one of the manned charging stations that are open until 00:30 hours (depending on show ground closing).

How can I get resitution?

1: Go to: www.mijnkniponline.nl

2: Click at the button 'Registreer’ at the login screen.

3: Click at the button 'Betaalkaart', put down your e-mailadres and click ath the button ‘Volgende’.

4: You receive a verification e-mail. Open this e-mail en click at the link ‘Bevestigen’.

5: There opens a new page. Please fill in the requested information and click on the button ‘Registreer’. (pay attention: your cardnumber and CVC code are needed, these can be found on your CHIO cashless card).

6: You have a account. Click on the button ‘Restitutie’ and fill in the requested information.

You are able to ask for online restitution from June 21 till July 31 2018. You pay €1,- administration cost per cashless card. This will be deducted from your balance. The payments will be done on July 15 and Augusts 15 2018.