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Friends of CHIO Rotterdam

Since 2005 CHIO Rotterdam is supported by the foundation and business club 'Vrienden van het CHIO" (Friends of CHIO). Over 140 companies currently support this foundation and enjoy the great network opportunities which are actively facilitated by the Friends. The foundation became Legacy Partner of the CHIO Rotterdam, a supreme sponsor level. As a Legacy Partner the Friends are closely involved in new developments around the well known international equestrian sports event and during the show the beautiful logo is proudly exposed on the outfit of the hundreds of active volunteers. 

The annual costs for a membership are € 1.450,- excl. BTW , which is a business investment and in most cases applicable for tax deduction. Included in this membership are:

- 2 free entrance tickets for all days of CHIO Rotterdam
- access to the hospitality lounge exclusively for the 'Vrienden van het CHIO' offering drinks, snacks and the opportunity to meet other Friends
- chance on exposure on the volunteers outfit as every year a draw defines which Friend logo will be embroidered on shirts and other clothing
- at least 12 times per year a digital news letter, where in each newsletter at least one friend will be in the spotlight (NB newsletter is in Dutch)
- notification of company name including link to the company website at the CHIO Rotterdam website

If you are interested in joining the business club 'Vrienden van het CHIO', please send  an e-mail to vrienden@chio.nl or call +31 10 4528900.